WCW Starrcade 1997, Hollywood Hogan still defeats Sting. Same screwy finish. Early 98, Sting still joins NWO Wolfpac, but with no rematch/s with Hogan in early ‘98. Anyway, fast forward to Halloween Havoc ‘98, we get Hollywood Hogan v Wolfpac Sting. No Warrior, no destrucity, no sluggish Bret Hart/ Sting match. Also, the card is basically NWO Hollywood v NWO Wolfpac. No Nash v Hall, more like Nash v Steiner, Hall v Konnan.
In the weeks before, Sting is having issues with Nash, Luger, Konnan, reasons unknown. He is withdrawn, not communicating. Halloween Havoc 1998s main event is Hogan/ Sting,(Goldberg is still champ against DDP, but semi main event) Hogan out first, flanked w every NWO White member. Sting drops from the rafter like old times. He’s in white and black face paint circa 97, Hogan is shocked, NWO White are in dismay. Wolfpac run to ringside and question Sting, who lays them all out with bat/ Stinger Splashes galore. NWO white jump to ring and wage war with Wolfpac, spill outside, then up aisle to the back. Sting and Hogan face off, Sting looks around the carnage and smiles, his plan of imploding the entire NWO from within, underway. Hogan looks devastated. Have match, Sting wins clean with no other interference. He goes to the crowd and grabs a “WCW” sign as the show goes off air. (on time) Nitro, Sting explains he had to infiltrate the NWO from within otherwise WCW would be taken over forever. He references a Trojan horse type war strategy, if you can’t beat ‘em- join em. He would become the cancer that would slowly spread and rot each man slowly, eventually turning them against each other. This would be Stings crowning achievement, a true renegade in the fight between good and evil. Throughout the Nitro, we see White v Red fighting backstage, running in to each other’s matches, generally all up in each other’s shit. Every NWO member is in ring to end the show, fighting, with the commentary explaining that the group has imploded. Stings wins upcoming World War 3 and we build to Sting v Goldberg at Starrcade, a show that basically has Nash v Hogan, Luger v Konnan etc, Hall v Steiner, the final blow off of all things NWO and a fresh start to the 1999 season. Goldberg or Sting could win, each would have the fans backing and momentum heading into the next year. Just a hypothetical, from hindsight, from the couch. 😃