Mish Meijers/ Tricky Walsh


20 November- 12 December, 2020

65 Murray Street, Hobart TAS

Tricky Walsh is a non-binary artist working in New Norfolk, Tasmania, who works both collaboratively and in a solo capacity.
Projects focus on both spatial and communication concerns  in an increasingly speculative manner and while they use a diversity of media (architecture, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, sound, film, comics, radio) it is foremost the concept at hand that determines which form of material experimentation occurs within these broader themes.

Mish Meijers is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice experiments in surface tensions: how one material conforms or abrades against the matter of another. Whether in actuality, or within conceptual content, she distorts the inherent worth and significance of her objects with regard to popular culture, gender determination and functionality, in an alchemic and at times discordant sensibility.

Exhibition opening:

Friday, November 20 @ 5.30pm

Exhibition runs:

20 November- 12 December, 2020