To Companion a Companion

Fernando do Campo

Contemporary Art Tasmania

27 Tasma St. Hobart, Tasmania 7000

22- 28 January, 2021

Non-human animals have historically been mobilized and introduced into foreign spaces. Encountering birds in urban spaces signifies multiple histories and affects all at once: colonial, migratory, nationalistic and anthropogenic. The archived histories of bird introductions are similarly woven with contradictions.

To companion a companion is an exhibition of new work by Argentinean-Australian artist Fernando do Campo, that proposes the human as the companion species to birds. It proposes ‘companioning’ as an artistic strategy through painting and archiving, listening and non-verbal forms of responding, and plural histories.

Exhibition Opening:

Friday 22 January, 6pm (please sign in at the door)


All visitors will need to sign in for contact tracing purposes
Don’t come if you feel unwell
Remember the 3 S’s – Sanitise Sanitise Sanitise

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