Everything is going to be ok

Tilley Wood


Central Avenue, Moonah

18 February, 2021 @6pm

Everything is going to be okay

“It feels good to hear these words. Like holding your own hand, or gently squeezing the hand of another.

These works embody that sentiment in that they felt good to make. Creating them was an intuitive yet delicate process – an act of balancing composition, colour and feeling. This practice reminds me to trust that it will be okay, to gently be my own champion and to create pieces as considerate expressions of this idea.

In viewing these as finished works, they become articles that speak openly and broadly in gentle defiance of uncertainly and insecurity. They’re here to share this feeling with an audience: trust yourself, hold your own hand or reach out for another’s, say it clearly – everything is going to be okay. “

-Tilley Wood

Above: works fromEverything is going to be ok, Tilley Wood, 2021

Exhibition opening:

Thursday February 18 @ 5.30pm

Exhibition runs:

18 February, 2021

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