Still Life

For centuries, artists have been consumed by the challenge of representing the real world.  The genre of still life genre is a record of this engagement, originally defined as the depiction of inanimate objects to consider their formal qualities.

Driving this artistic fascination, has been a need to examine, reflect and immortalise the many objects that populate our immediate surroundings, including both natural and man-made.  Through creative interpretation the artist provides intensity to an object that is not normally afforded it.  This includes revealing more complex meanings that underpin many still life subjects, through the use of symbols and metaphors

Many still life works have truly comprehensive themes, that span continents, cultures, as well as centuries.  However, there are also themes that are unique to a location and reveal a specific moment in time.  This suggests that still life is truly a universal language, but simultaneously has the ability to share personal significance.  With its many incarnations, the genre of still life continues to play an important contemporary role in helping to decode the shifting space where culture identity and personality collide.

This group show shares how still life continues to be an important component within the work of our artist stable.  Through various mediums and styles, each artist interprets the genre differently. However, all use the represented object to comment, explore and reveal to the viewer, more than what meets the eye.

Exhibition Opening:

Wednesday 4 March @ 5.30

Exhibition runs:

4 March- 29 March, 2020