Amber Koroluk- Stephenson

Breaking Horizon


65 Murray Street, Hobart, Tas

31 July- 22 August, 2020

Breaking Horizons examines ways painting can be used to form new semblances of meaning and representation of contemporary Australian landscape. The works invite reflection on the illusory nature of painting itself as a critique of coloniality to dismantle traditions of European painting that ‘stage’ landscape through notions of the picturesque, deception or grandeur. Instead the work aims to expose contradictions and ambiguities hidden within these traditions, presenting tensions between environments and their meaning.

Through painting and pastiche, the constructed environments play with dichotomy to examine tensions between the historical cannon of European art and representations of landscape that disrupt this relationship. These paintings create spaces where distinctions of place are troubled, confounded, remade and re- articulated to question the illusory nature, value and significance of place, being and belonging, considering ways these can be constructed and exchanged, but also sometimes lost.

Exhibition opening:

Friday, 31 July @6pm

Exhibition runs:

31 July- 22 August, 2020

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