After Pablo Picasso | Tête de femme (Head of woman) | 2023


Year | 2023

Medium | Mixed media

Dimensions | 34.1cm x
28.2cm(Including frame)

Frame | Hand crafted
floating frame


Tete de Femme is an example into the complexities of Picasso’s pictorial thinking, particularly regarding his female portraiture and depiction of subjects with whom he was romantically involved. Each muse served as a catalyst for experiments in color and form that would continue to change as the contours of the relationship shifted. It is through this process that Picasso’s work was constantly reinvented and renewed. Picasso’s portraits of women express psychological insights, as well as the drama that only profound intimacy can reveal. He depicts each, not how she presents herself to the world, but how she feels inside. 

View the original Picasso work

Pablo Picasso | Tête de femme (Head of woman) | 1963 / 2023

Year of original~1963 | Phantasm reproduction~2023

Materials~ Acrylic paint | Oil paint | Spray paint | Paint pen marker on canvas panel

Frame~ White floating frame | Hand crafted Tasmanian oak

Satin varnish finish

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    All reproductions are individually painted by Phantasm, each work mounted with a specific, hand crafted frame.