The shore, the race, the other place

Neil Haddon


Level 1/65 Murray St, Hobart TAS 7000

15 November-7 December ⁣

“For some time now, I have been drawn to thinking about my life as a migrant to Tasmania. It’s odd; how long it can take to realise that the subtle undercurrent of difference that has pervaded my life here could be used more purposefully as a tool for critical thinking.⁣

The physical displacement of migration is often accompanied by a mental one when th e thoughts, feelings and associations attached to one place are removed to another, new place. The artist and theorist Mieke Bal describes this dual physical and mental displacement as a heterochronic experience of time or, a disruption in the regular flow of time. My interpretation of this is that, as a migrant, I am perpetually aware of two (or more) time zones; the time of the old place and the time of the new place. ⁣

How can the time of the migrant be made in a painting?”⁣

Image: Neil Haddon⁣
No Prospect, No Refuge (1) 2018/2019 ⁣
oil & enamel on aluminium⁣
170 x 150 cm

Exhibition Opening:

Friday 15 November@6pm

Exhibition runs:

15 November- 7 December, 2019