Graham Lang


Castray Esplanade, Battery Point, Tas

16 September- 10 October, 2020

For over four decades, Zimbabwe-born Tasmanian-based artist Graham Lang has created biographical art in an attempt to bring to mind both the external and internal realities of place and being. Lang often depicts animal surrogates evoking human narratives, creating an uncertain limbo between existence and extinction.

Much of his early practice reflects the political and existential anguish of post-colonial southern Africa; similarly, the broad-ranging work produced during his time in Australia centres most prominently on themes relating to migration, identity and cultural dislocation. Since leaving academe, his art has tended toward a more intuitive approach, exploring a diverse array of subjects, many derived from his literary interests.

Exhibition opening:

Wednesday, 16 September @ 5.30pm

Exhibition runs:

16 September- 10 August, 2020