I Shed My Skin, A Furneaux Island Story

Jane Giblin


27 Albert Road, Moonah TAS

9 January- 1 February, 2020

Jane Giblin’s I Shed My Skin, A Furneaux Islands Story is a 3-year project, investigating a family and community, originating in the Furneaux Islands of Tasmania.

The exhibition explores the story of how a family’s involvement in the mutton-birding industry is changed by the return of Big Dog Island in Franklin Sound to the Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania.

Big Dog Island is where Jane’s Great Grandparents built their birding sheds and was the site of the annual industry that typified their island life. Now, as the rightful property of the Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania, this island community have had to re-adjust their practices.

Jane explores the community’s story through her own family – a family whose experiences have been shaped by their combination of Indigenous and non-Indigenous family members. Some may continue their commercial mutton-bird enterprise, with access to rookeries once used by all. Others must now adapt their practice to amateur regimen in different islands.

This story, with its specific history, geography and characters, acts as a microcosm of such changes across Australia.

Exhibition Opening:

Thursday, January 9 @ 6pm

Exhibition runs:

9 January- 1 February, 2020

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