Joshua Simpson

Joshua seeks to capture the conflict between ordinariness and otherness in contemporary society through false Elysian beauty and hypnotic repetition.

Top Left: Kaleidoscope Eyes 2019
Top Right: Strange Brew 2019
Bottom: Repeat After Me 2019

The works here are concerned with the idea of an unattainable, exoticised place; between reality and unreality. This is achieved through the use of rich and detailed tropical motifs interwoven with highly hued formations, which fracture, drag and build digitally rendered layers upon themselves. These playful forms reply with a sequence of compacted echoes resulting in painterly kaleidoscopes dripping with dark seductive undertones.

Simpson’s sarcastic valhalla teases with a charismatic punch, never taking itself too seriously. The imagery; visually striking and rich in flavour. Each piece speaks of unattainable fantasies and a false paradise perpetually lost.

Review by PHANTASM