Josh Simpson


97 Salamanca Place Battery Point, TAS

23 October- 7 November, 2019

Sitting at the intersection of abstraction and figuration, Josh Simpson is a Melbourne based painter whose work concerns social commentary. Dealing with themes of identity, authenticity and exoticism, his work seeks to capture the conflict between ordinariness and otherness in contemporary society.

Idyll examines the unobtainable nature of the exotic in the western canon. Through the repeated use of extravagant visual clich├ęs Idyll asks the question, can something be exotic and real at the same time? In the work, motifs are seen through a filter. Echoed across the canvas objects are fetishised, dragged and layered. The heightened hue and glitchy rendering emulate a digital aesthetic referencing the screen and technology as an artifice to a seductive realm. Idyll suspends the mystery of the exotic; strange, compelling yet unobtainable. 

Exhibition opening:

Friday 23 October

Exhibition runs:

23 October- 7 November, 2019

Opening hours:

10am until 5pm daily