Opening Gg March exhibitions:

Body Party/ Threshold:

Georgia Spain| BODY PARTY
Ursula Woods | THRESHOLD


62 Argyle Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000

12 March- 28 March, 2021

Opening event: Friday March 12 @5.30pm

(please sign in at the door)


Body Party is a collection of paintings and ceramic works which I began making in November 2020. These works continue to explore ideas around connection, intimacy, performance, and loss with the body as a central point of expression.  A cast of characters, often inhabiting ambiguous and unknown space, offer the viewer an opportunity to piece together narratives and find relationships between both the paintings and the ceramic forms. The ceramic works in this show mark the beginning of my journey exploring clay in my practice. Each figure relates to another and collectively they amount to something more than the individual. I intend to continue building upon and developing this work as an extension of my inquiry into human groupings and collective behaviours.
This work was made on stolen land in mutatayna.

Body Party will be showing in the main space.


3mins | 16mm | 2021
embodied verge
tread the brink
imagination dawning
wonderings on liminal spaces

Shot on 16mm with a Krasnogorsk_3 camera. Warmest regards to Tasmanian artist Elizabeth Barsham, who participated so willingly as the subject in this piece.
16mm film is a challenging but much loved medium as every wind of the camera spool often poses new issues to deal with. Each surviving frame is a gift and an energy captured physically on the beautiful reels of black and white film.

The music was composed and played on violin by Hannah Foley. Hannah’s artworks over recent years have also explored concepts of threshold.
This piece was recorded by Jethro Pickett at Ursula and Jethro’s home in Glaziers Bay.

Threshold will be displayed in the back space

Exhibition Runs:

Friday 12 March @5.30pm(please sign in at the door)

Exhibitions continues:

12-28 March, 2021


All visitors will need to sign in for contact tracing purposes
Don’t come if you feel unwell
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