Opening Gg April exhibitions:

Isabella Maria Foster | I don’t want to catastrophize
Billie Rankin | Development


62 Argyle Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000

9 April, 2021

Opening event: Friday April 9 @5.30pm

(please sign in at the door)


There is a thought that goes something like this- things develop, over time, towards a particular outcome. It is a thought that creates a set of spatial practices and physical realities, whilst also fabricating a particular temporality too. It sets forward a path to follow, and a timeline in which to do so. In doing so it creates a designed system that can define and contain the parameters of imagination itself, exploiting the imagination in the form of manufacturing a dream and a modality to achieve it. This is to say, developmental ideas create their own axioms of logic.

Flagpost. Milestone. Behind the curve. Ahead the pack.

To imagine beyond developmental pathways is often seen to be deviant, or detrimental to the larger societal project. Yet, the normative invisibility of developmental ideas allows them to enact violence to their margins, and anaesthetise their centres. 

This exhibition, simply titled ‘development’, explores the intersection of normative childhood developmental discourse and state-based developmental agendas to examine how our futures and future thoughts are influenced, modelled, and fabricated by developmental paradigms. In it I ask, can we look beyond the idea that development is ‘always already’? Can we speculate beyond what already is?

I don’t want to catastrphize

Exhibition Runs:

Friday 9 April @5.30pm(please sign in at the door)

Exhibitions continues:

9 April


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