Freekshow, is a Hobart based artist, who works with a range of mediums and scale in the dedication to bring to life multicoloured, fictionalised worlds.

She utilises acrylic paint, animation and drawing as her mediums, often on canvas or an urban street wall. With simple biting sarcasm and exaggerated coloration, reoccurring themes throughout the works often include warped ideals of body image, inappropriate awkwardness, plagiarism and alienation. These themes are told through hyper-toned aesthetic for which is always made up of fictionalised caricatures within fantasy environments.

Freekshow draws influence and often imitates the iconic characters depicted in Rick and Morty, The Simpsons, South Park and other animated classics, the perfunctory style abundantly vibrant, yet fundamentally simplistic.

“Having poor body image or dealing with other people’s expectation of perfection is something that many women contend with every day. This can be very damaging to their self-esteem and wellbeing” 


Through her vibrant, fictionalised works, Freekshow challenges the unnecessary pressures placed on women in society, particularly in regards to superficial appearance and unrealistic expectation. There is a child- like simplicity in her depiction of humanoids, for which are never discriminated and are created in all ages, genders, shapes and backgrounds.

With their plactecine-like, blobbing bodies complete with big old butts, boobs and willies, the characters in each picture have their own unique story to tell. At first glance, the imagery is welcoming, full of life, love and optimism, highly recommended for a PG audience. On deeper inspection however, a more foreboding, melancholic realisation rears it’s ugly head. What were once playful scenes full of ignorant bliss, begin to morph into that of primal subservience. Joyful expressions and postures are revealed to be that of a mask and a desperate pose, used to cover the crushing pressures of an ever demanding society. The characters depicted are now forced to submit their failures and deepest fears, instead forced to live through the disappointment with a smile permanently plastered on their face and a fake skip in their step.

Are these themes deliberately planned and thoroughly researched? No. A whole heaps of shit is thrown at the wall to see what sticks. Luck and random chance make up many the characters and fantastical background combinations, with a dependence on appropriation.