456 Macquarie Street, South Hobart
10 June 2015

SELECTIVE BREED; the Menagerie

Selective Breed focuses on the themes of anthropomorphism and touches on the archaic motif of the human/animal hybrid. The works included explore the formal qualities of both human and animal bodies, drawing parallels between the two, whilst simultaneously highlighting their undeniable differences. Through manipulating and merging the physical qualities of man and animal, the works raise questions concerning our emotional relationships with all living creatures, and the cruel juxtaposition of both creating and destroying.

Through a variety of mediums and diverse range of processes and techniques, the works on display form a synthesis of imagination, observation and suggestive ideas.


Jennifer Pelham
Josie Birchall
Briellen Feeney
Jenny Groves
Neil Holmstrom
Amelia Rowe
Somrak Maneemai
Selena de Carvalho
Kitty Taylor