September 30 2015
The Arts Factory, 
456 Macquarie Street, South Hobart

I Appear Missing explores the philosophical concept of ‘the self’ and the various complexities associated with identity through the use of the often symbolic human form.

In the seemingly endless pursuit to answer often unanswerable existential questions pertaining to one’s state of being; each artist creates their own narratives and personalized statement.
Often spawned from introspection and observation, these artists comment not only on the persisting entity particular to a given individual, but a host of relevant social issues.

Through a variety of mediums and techniques, the works ultimately form a dichotomy of thought provoking ideas which, at times, raise more questions than answers.
I Appear Missing asks you what you think.

Eva Schultz
Graham Lang
Sally Rees
Robert O’Connor
Brain Foetus
Micheila Petersfield
Louise Daniels
Dan Kershaw
Milly Yencken