Tom Deams

Tom Deams is a U.K born Graffiti Artist. Since first experimenting with spray paint in 1988 he has created pieces around England, Europe, Australia and Dubai. The past few years Mr Deams has been actively searching for the ‘Ultimate’ Graffiti piece from within. Over 1500 murals later the search still continues.

Everything has become a little blurry after spending most of my life dedicated to learning the science of applying spray paint to a vertical surface.”

-Tom Deams

Now well into his third decade of painting, Deams’ style has reached that plateau where it is uniquely, unmistakably, and utterly his own. Whether painting his cartoon-like, beveled-edged straight letters; super complex retro-futuristic burners; or indeed, those open abstract spaces that seem to explore the insides of letters; a Deams painting identifies itself at a hundred paces. Deams is a ‘style writer’ in the truest sense of the phrase.

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