Nicholas Truman
Executive Director

Nicholas is firmly interested in the questions which arise and the evaluation processes that emerge in the presentation of art, such as the narratives and ideas an artwork can convey, the visual and thematic relationships formed when multiple works are displayed within a space, the ambiguity of interpretation and ultimately, the effect art can have on its viewer. His primary is focus directed to the presentation of art, the choreographing of space and atmosphere (primarily lighting techniques), experimentation and documentation, as well as understanding the importance of social relations, such as collaboration, peer feedback and networking.

Working as an artist practitioner for over 15 years, with 10 years of involvement with associated commercial galleries and organisationsis ha# given Nicholas the experience needed to interpret cultural material and conceptual information. With a Bachelor of Fine arts degree in 2014 and study in Bachelor of Envoronmental Design in 2005, he is able to consider the orchestrating of space, forms and ambience to reflect functional, social and environmental dynamics.

By completing courses in both NAVA Connect: Arts Business in 2015 and Certificate III Micro Business Operations in the 2016 NEIS Mentorship program, Nicholas is able to represent the best interests of affiliated artists and further the individuals professional arts practice through multiple avenues.

As Executive director of operations and entrepreneur, establishing an arts based social enterprise in Hobart is Nicholas’ way of giving to others and giving back to the arts community. Providing space for people to gravitate towards as both a social hub and structured work environment allows opportunity to be realised to those affiliated.