July 2018-March 2019 Brownells Lane Moonah

As a contemporary arts entity, Phantasm gallery is concerned by the dynamics for which it creates and the subsequent opportunities ultimately generated. Primarily, the entity will focus on the relationships between people, art and ideas.
By providing a working exhibition space, the aim as an emerging art gallery is to mediate mutually beneficial outcomes and orchestrate favourable circumstances to all affiliated, most notably; the emerging Tasmanian artist.  

This will be achieved by introducing the unrepresented, underdeveloped or otherwise unknown artist to an active audience. The gallery will represent specific emerging artists and act as an artist consultancy agent for each individual. Phantasm aims to represent the unrepresented, underdeveloped or otherwise unknown talent and to promote their works to the full extent. Representation will allow these people to receive first hand insight into exhibition processes and key areas of arts business, while simultaneously being connected to relevant personnel within the arts sector. 
Persons of interest, namely members from the established commercial institution and personnel working within the local arts sector, will be invited into the designated space and introduced to the artists creative projects on full display. These bodies of work showcased specifically by the gallery to maximize aesthetic and overall impact. 
Here, Phantasm will act as mediator between amateur artist and commercial entity, viewed by these existing entities as a testing ground to discover un established talent. Phantasm will consistently provide mentor ship to clientele, promote the individual vigilantly, employ multiple avenues of networking strategies and ultimately connect unrepresented local talents to areas within the arts sector.

Phantasm gallery will primarily focus on nurturing the represented artist in building professional arts practice, where areas connected to social and theoretical concerns are equally as important as the practical presentation of emerging art. In presenting a fully functioning forum for engagement and discussion surrounding contemporary art, the enterprise acts as a platform for opportunity, where emerging artists are provided space to display works and engage with an active audience.  Here, the gallery acts as a mediator between artist,  established businesses and the public. Art and space the means of connection.
Through the use of a flexible exhibition space utilizing alternate means of display, the gallery will create a reciprocity of welcome outcomes to those involved by offering multiple areas of service and trade. By providing a base for professional development, platform for exposure and a conduit connecting people and art, Phantasm gallery will offer opportunities otherwise unavailable and impact the Hobart arts community.