A Song for the Unsettled

Jo Chew


23-27 Albert Road, Moonah

18 February, 2021 @6pm

Jo Chew is drawn to this image — a strange image of a bamboo ‘house’ covered in plastic and twine. It is not static but moving, with legs emerging from its base. It is walking, going somewhere, journeying. The house is slightly transparent, a thin skin of a covering, enough to protect, but still fragile and vulnerable. In some images the backlighting gives a surreal glow to parts of this form, in others it appears more like a fabric wrapped building by Christo, beautifully off white but with a slight pink tinge where the plastic gathers. The legs are strong and resolute. With black shoes and leggings, they look almost like the disappearing legs of a costumed performer or prop mover on a stage.

Jo came across the image, and its story, by accident. But instantly saw potential in it as a metaphoric and poetic object.

It speaks of the nomadic, of temporary shelter, of both the need to protect ourselves in our homes and the need to move on — or more specifically to move back to, or find, a home.

Jo Chew is represented by Despard Gallery

Above: Left: Adrift (Fatalist Palmistry) oil on canvas, 2020. Right: Detail.

Above: Left: Protection, oil on canvas, 2020-21. Right: Detail.

Above: Failsafe, oil on canvas, 2020-21.

Exhibition opening:

Thursday February 18 @ 6pm

Exhibition runs:

18 February20 March, 2021

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