Always Vivid and glowing, Hannah’s hyper-toned, garish, wolfmen taunt and snarl with playful sarcasm and cruel intent, unwilling to fade into the passages of time. 

The works expose an internal, personal vulnerability and aim to tackle confronting, if not conflicting, personal issues ascertaining to notions of fear and feelings of shame. The metaphorical mask remains as cover, a representation of betrayal and deceit, lies and subterfuge. A way to justify pains of the past, or perhaps the involuntary human tenacity to deal with trauma. These wolf heads act as a false facade, hiding the truth of what truely lies within; a shield to protect from unfavourable past event and the ugly underbelly reality often brings.

Hannah confronts these difficult issues here and uses process as catharsis. The imagery, a therapy to understand and move forward.

The Hobart based artist graduated the University of Tasmania with a bachelor of fine arts in 2018. She has been represented by Phantasm gallery since 2018.

I make art not only to express myself, but to bridge my conscious and subconscious. To calm an immense disconnect in myself. I am inspired by renaissance art for their exaggerated but emotive forms and figures, the encapsulating composition and blending of narrative and reality, symbolism and realism. I am equally inspired by contemporary art, particularly colour and abstraction and its goal to push artistic boundaries as well as its viewers. My process is extremely repetitive in terms of subject. Whilst my process lacks the discipline to create constantly, the drive to do so remains innate. My work is process based, gaining momentum through something unsaid and understood later in its finality. 

-Hannah Cardamatis

If you would like to view more of the artists works, or have any questions, please contact us.