Jane Burton

A Phantom Lover


65 Murray Street, Hobart TAS

9 April- 2 May, 2020

Due to COVID-19, this exhibition will be available for viewing through appointment and an online catalogue. Please visit: www.bettgallery.com.au

Jane Burton is a photographic artist currently living and working in Melbourne, Australia. She is known for her depictions of the female body, brooding landscapes, derelict architectures and abandoned interiors. Her work centres around an exploration of feminine desire and is often darkly ambiguous, enigmatic and provocative.

In this new series of work commissioned by the Art Gallery of Ballarat, she focuses on a particular landscape of the Central Highlands Region that she was drawn to: ‘a hidden place that one must walk into for some distance, crossing a kind of psychic threshold’.

‘Inside, by a vast reservoir of water, dead trees once submerged now surface due to drought, their limbs like bones worn clean by the elements. Indeed, it seemed to me that I was standing in a cemetery, where once great trees had perished in stricken and mournful postures.

‘I had the sensation of having passed into a mythical underworld, into a realm between earth and water and sky.’

Exhibition Opening:

Friday 9 April @ 6pm

Exhibition Runs:

9 April- 2 May, 2020