Phantasm brain SPASM

Tom Deams
Georgina Anton


Brownells lane, Moonah TAS

5 October, 2019

Tom Deams and Georgina Anton are UK based artists who magnify patterns through collaborating styles. Together they make visible the invisible by painting a visual cacophony that echoes treasures of the natural world.

Georgina is an artist who translates botanical beauty to contemporary decorative forms through emotive paintwork.

Tom examines letter forms which evolve into pattern coding. Using spray cans and brush work, he creates abstract canvas and mural work that explores technique and tribute craftsmanship.

BRAIN SPASM utilizes the PHANTASM studio to experiment with space and possibilities in a gallery context. Wall placement is the focus in the consideration of movement, flow and functionality. Lighting is also tested to enhance a range of atmospheric options and mood explorations.

Exhibition details:

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Invite only

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