Fugitive Identity 


Jamin’s usual politically charged and often mural based imagery has taken a backseat to a more Deleuzian approach to art making here, with the series Fugitive Identity.

While prioritising an interest in multimedia processes and production, Jamin engages with materiality and movement with the use of aluminium, composite panel, spray paint and wood to create a fluid visual language of emergence and potential.


Creating work through the process of software, machine, then hand has given rise to more visual potentialities in this series; a frequency of silent geometric layers blink in and out of perception, morphing from object to image, decor to concept, revealing and concealing one another depending on the viewers proximity.

Multiple perspectives add and subtract visual components with discombobulating pattern and slight movement, while background hues gives a sense of demensionality and flair. The result, a production of effects that somehow relate and hide from one another simultaneously.

Review by PHANTASM