A group exhibition

Bound combines the work of 6 female identifying artists who individually draw on personal narratives to synchronically interrogate issues attaining to femininity and societal expectation.

Each artist uses their preferred media to collate ideas together, where subtle statements and contextual suggestions trump visual satisfactions.

Included here are works that focus on more localised issues, such as gender equality, biological difference/limitation and Tasmanian health care, as well as more wide spread general issues revolving around personal life choice and the expectations imposed within contemporary Western society.

Considering the confined space allocated, the curation requires subtlety in arrangement without being either too minimal or busy. Bound has captured this with a cohesive visual colour scheme and an overall succinct transition of works.

Ultimately, the 6 artists exhibiting Bound craft together ideas initially drawn from individual anxieties and personal frustrations to communally celebrate the female body as a continual political site.

Review by PHANTASM