• The online gallery acts as artist consultancy agent and art dealing system for each of its affiliated artists.
  • A platform for the artists  work to be promoted, marketed and sold to members of the public.
  • A conduit between emerging artist, the local arts community and the public. 
  • Platform for the artist to launch their professional arts practice.

Each artist represented will:

  • Be provided with face to face mentorship, have their art promoted and sold online through Phantasm’s social media streams.  
  • Gain knowledge in the fundamentals of arts business and the exhibition process.
  • Gain insight into areas of artwork presentation i.e.: framing and hanging systems.
  • Develop a body of work ready for sale or display.
  • Be introduced to persons of interest working within the arts sector.
  • Have artworks appraised and catalogued online.
  • Be given opportunities within the arts sector and be provided the necessary tools to develop and enhance professional arts practice.
  • Showcase works of art in a virtual gallery.


Full (12 months)

Includes :

  • 12 month representation
  • Professional arts practice mentorship. Phantasm will work one on one with the artist and develop their arts practice specific to the individual. 
  • Have artworks catalogued and sold through the online gallery.
    -25% commission to the gallery on sold items.
    -Consignment/loan agreements signed off by both artist and gallery.
    -Works can be temporarily on loan to the gallery for a negotiated period of time.
  • Artworks showcased within a virtual gallery
    -A 3D virtual experience now available.
    -Virtual gallery fully customizable and 100% catered to each individual artist.
    -Can display between 1-200 artworks.
    -May include 2-dimensional items (paintings, photos, and posters), 3-dimensional items (sculptures or small installations), as well as streaming videos.
  • Artist bio developed, including artist statement and artwork review. 
  • Social media upscale. 
  • Artists promoted through Phantasm’s social media and the artists works presented and marketed.
  • Artists and their works introduced to relevant personnel working within commercial industries. (commercial gallery directors, relevant artists).
  • Practical advice in relation to the art-making process and final presentation, including:
    -Discussion around ideas, themes and concepts
    -Advice on mediums, materials and methods
    -Framing, sealing hanging

Full Rates: (12 months)

-Individual artist. 12 month representation


Group (2-4 artists)



For any further questions, please CONTACT US 

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